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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 0300 - Problem with reading messages.csv file - please contact support@tuflow.com.
Some or all non-spatial messages may not appear in _messages GIS layer.

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The majority of TUFLOW messages have a spatial location (for example a cell elevation that has not been assigned), however, some messages such as TUFLOW_Message_1298 have no spatial location. The spatial locations are written to the GIS layer (_messages.mif or _messages_P.shp) and also to the _messages.csv file. Prior to the 2016 version of TUFLOW, the non-spatial messages were only written to the _messages.csv.
At user request for the 2016 version of TUFLOW these have been added to the _messages.mif or _messages_P.shp file to make these messages more noticeable. For the 2016 version of TUFLOW, non-spatial messages are now written to the GIS messages layer at the top right coordinate of the model domain. However, a number of messages can occur before the geometry control file (.tgc) has been processed and the model domain is not known. To ensure that these are included in the spatial layer, after the model domain is known the _messages.csv is read and the messages written spatially.
Warning 0300 will occur if there is an issue when reading the _messages.csv during initialisation.

Please contact support@tuflow.com and send through the log (.tlf) file for the simulation. Check the _messages.csv or log file as there may be additional messages that are not in the GIS messages layer.


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