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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 1289 - ESTRY command in above line is unrecognisable.

Alternate Message

Message Type

The ESTRY command is not recognised by TUFLOW.

There are two primary reasons this may occur:

  • Incorrect spelling / syntax of TUFLOW command
  • Trying to use an unsupported fixed field input

Locate the message in the console window or TUFLOW log file. Check that this is a valid command, e.g. "Read GIS Network" and not "Raed GIS Network".
Check that the model contains no fixed field inputs. Fixed field inputs typically look like the below:

CS     206    2    
    -2.200     3.310
     30.00     50.00

NA     101    3
        0.       10.       30.
   200000.   500000.  1000000.  

NAR    201  200

As of the 2010 version of TUFLOW these fixed field inputs are no longer supported by TUFLOW. These will need to be converted to the 1d_tab format, or a previous version of TUFLOW used.


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