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In this module, three culverts are added to better represent flow through embankments that fall on main flow paths.

The GIS layers are:

  • ECF layers:
    1. 1d_nwk: A layer used to define culverts in 1D.
  • TBC layers:
    1. 2d_bc: A layer defining the locations of 1D/2D links.

Module 3 builds from the model created in Module 2. The completed Module 2 model is provided in the Module_03\TUFLOW folder.

GIS Inputs

Create, import and view input data:

Simulation Control Files

TUFLOW Boundary Control File (TBC)

  1. Save a copy of the M01_001.tbc as M03_001.tbc in the Module_03\TUFLOW\model folder.
  2. Open the M03_001.tbc in a text editor and add the additional lines:
    Read GIS BC == gis\2d_bc_M03_culverts_001_P.shp  ! Links the 1D culverts to the 2D domain
    Read GIS BC == gis\2d_bc_M03_culverts_001_R.shp | gis\2d_bc_M03_culverts_001_L.shp  ! Links the 1D culverts to the 2D domain
  3. Save the TBC.

The region and line 2d_bc files are read by the same command separated by a vertical line similar to 2d_zsh files that require more than one vector type. This is important as the SX region file is connected by a CN line within the 2d_bc line layer. By reading both of these layers on the same command line enables them to be linked.

ESTRY Control File (ECF)

A new control file, the ESTRY Control File (ECF), is introduced. ESTRY is TUFLOW’s 1D hydraulic solver and includes all of the 1D files and commands.

  1. Create a new text file M03_001.ecf and save it in the Module_03\TUFLOW\model folder.
  2. Add the following command lines:
    Timestep == 0.5  ! Specifies a 1D computational timestep as 0.5 seconds
    Read GIS Network == ..\model\gis\1d_nwk_M03_culverts_001_L.shp  ! Defines culverts
  3. Save the ECF.

TUFLOW Control File (TCF)

  1. Save a copy of the M02_5m_001.tcf as M03_5m_001.tcf in the Module_03\TUFLOW\runs folder.
  2. Open the M03_5m_001.tcf in a text editor and add the following line in the 'Model Inputs' section:
    ESTRY Control File == ..\model\M03_001.ecf  ! Reference the ESTRY (1D) Control File
  3. Update the reference of the TBC file:
    BC Control File == ..\model\M03_001.tbc  ! Reference the TUFLOW Boundary Conditions Control File
  4. Save the TCF.

Running the Simulation

  1. Save a copy of _run_M02_HPC.bat as _run_M03_HPC.bat in the Module_03\TUFLOW\runs folder.
  2. Update the batch file to reference the M03_5m_001.tcf :
    set exe="..\..\..\exe\2020-10-AF\TUFLOW_iSP_w64.exe"
    set run=start "TUFLOW" /wait  %exe% -b
    %run% M03_5m_001.tcf
  3. Double click the batch file in file explorer to run the simulation.


See tips on common mistakes and troubleshooting steps if the model doesn't run:

Check Files

While the model is running, review the added features are specified correctly:


When the model is finished, review the results:


  • Culverts were added to the model. Three different SX boundary applications were used to transfer flow through road embankments.
  • Check files were used to review the application of the boundary links.
  • Results through the 1D network structures were assessed to validate the 1D stability.

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