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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2575 - file is not a GeoTIFF - <>.

Alternate Message
ERROR 2575 - extracting projection from "<>".

Message Type

Error occurred while reading the specified tif file.

Check the file is in GeoTIFF format and/or the projection is specified.

GeoTIFF may be in tile format, which is currently not supported.
The TIF format supports storing data in both a tiled and strip structure. The 2023-03-AA release only supports the strip structure as this is the most common and the default out of QGIS/GDAL. It is planned that the next major release after 2023-03 will support the tile structure as well.
Tif strip tile structure.PNG
To convert a tiled GeoTIFF to a format that TUFLOW 2023-03 can read please use one of the steps below. Please ensure you don't select 'Cloud Optimised GeoTIFF' as an output as this format uses a tiled format.

  • Open the GeoTIFF in QGIS and export it into a new GeoTIFF (QGIS by default will use a strip structure)
  • Use the raster conversion tool in QGIS (via the menu "Raster >> Conversion >> Translate") - the default GeoTIFF format will be use the strip structure
  • Use "raster_translate" GDAL tool either through the processing toolbox in QGIS or by following the instructions on the following wiki page to use GDAL directly:
Converting from Cloud Optimised GeoTIFFs

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