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QGIS is used to load and view a range of event magnitudes and durations with the TUFLOW Viewer. For viewing of the 2D map results, see Module 1.

TUFLOW Project Re-Configuration

  1. Set the QGIS workspace projection to EPSG:32760, see Set the Projection.
  2. Save the QGIS workspace by selecting Project > Save As.


Inspect the results for all events:

  1. Open the TUFLOW Viewer.
  2. Load the results using the TCF. From File > Load Results, navigate to the Module_09\TUFLOW\runs folder and select the following file:
    • M09_5m_~e1~_~e2~_001.tcf
  3. When prompted, click 'Select All' and 'Ok'. The TUFLOW Viewer opens all six simulation runs using event management:

  4. Inspect the extent, water level and the flow plot output for each event:


  • The results of all event magnitudes and durations were inspected using the TUFLOW Viewer.
  • For further functionality, see TUFLOW Viewer.

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