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This GIS layer contains more information on the 2D boundaries in the TUFLOW simulation.
This includes both external 2D boundaries (for example HT or QT boundaries) as well as 1D/2D boundaries (HX or SX).
Note: The SA (source area) boundaries are not included in this check file. See the 2d_sac check file for these boundaries.

Attributes of bcc_check

Attribute Name Attribute Description
Type The boundary type as described in the TUFLOW manual.
Flags The boundary flags as described in the TUFLOW manual.
Domain_Name The model domain, this is useful for multiple domain models. For single domain models this will be set to "Domain_001".
Source The boundary number and GIS file. For example:

BC000018: HX BC in "D:\TUFLOW\Tutorial\model\mi\2d_bc_M04_HX_001.mif"

In the image below, a 2d _bcc_check file is shown with different boundary types styled with different colours.
Check files bcc check.JPG