Industry Modelling Guidelines

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Useful modelling guidelines are listed below:

Topic Source Link
Hydraulic Design of Waterway Structures AUSTROADS Link
TUFLOW Manual BMT Link
Manning's Roughness Guideline BCC (Brisbane City Council) Link
Code of practice for the Hydraulic Modelling of Urban Drainage Systems CIWEM (Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) Link
Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling Guideline CIWEM (Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) Link
Embankment Breach Parameters David Froehlich Link
Hydraulic Analysis and Design EA (UK Environment Agency) Link
Pumped Catchments-Worked Example of hydrological assessment and hydraulic modelling EA (UK Environment Agency) Link
Australian Rainfall and Runoff (All Projects/Chapters) Engineers Australia Link
Representation of Buildings in Numerical Flood Models Engineers Australia Link
Two Dimensional Modelling in Urban and Rural Floodplains Engineers Australia Link
Hydraulics of Bridged Waterways FHWA (Federal Highways Administration) Link
Flood Risk Management: Modelling Blockage and Breach Scenarios NRW (Natural Resources Wales) Link
Indicative 2D roughness values NRW (Natural Resources Wales) Link
Modelling for Flood Consequence Assessments NRW (Natural Resources Wales) Link
Incorporating Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2016 / 2019 in Flood Studies NSW DPIE (NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) Link
Manning's Roughness Guideline ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) Link
A Guide to Flood Studies and Mapping in Queensland QLD DNRM (QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines) Link
Modelling and Design Guideline for Cross Drainage and Flooding Assessments QLD DTMR (QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads) Link
Flood Modelling Guidance for Responsible Authorities SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) Link
Technical Flood Risk Guidance for Stakeholders SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) Link
Photographic Guidance for Selecting Flow Resistance Coefficients in High-Gradient Channels USA Department of Agriculture Link
Pit Inlet Curves Various Sources Link
The Revitalised Flood Hydrograph Model (ReFH2) Wallingford HydroSolutions Pty Ltd Link
Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling WAPUG (Wastewater Planning Group) Link
River Modelling Guide WAPUG (Wastewater Planning Group) Link

If there are modelling guideline documents not listed that you find useful and would like to share with the TUFLOW community, please email the details to