Installing the Latest Development Version of the TUFLOW Plugin

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Checking the Latest Development TUFLOW Plugin Version

If you have a sufficiently updated version of the TUFLOW plugin, using the 'About' option will display the currently available development version of the plugin
Tuflow plugin about.PNG

Download Link

The following link is kept up to date with the latest development version of the plugin:

Download from QGIS

If you have a sufficiently up to date TUFLOW plugin version, you can download the latest development version via the following menu Plugins >> TUFLOW >> About >> Download Latest Development Version of TUFLOW Plugin

How to install the Development Plugin Version

  1. Download the latest development version of the TUFLOW Plugin using one of the options above
  2. In QGIS, open the Plugin Manager (Plugins >> Manage and Install Plugins...)
  3. Uninstall the existing TUFLOW plugin (if you have it installed)
  4. Use the 'Install from ZIP' option to install the downloaded file
    Install from zip.PNG
  5. Make sure the TUFLOW plugin is checked on (you may need to toggle it off then on to get it to load)
  6. You should not need to restart QGIS, however that may be a viable solution if you experience any issues

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