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This tool adds tables representing SWMM sections to an existing GeoPackage. The formatting is compatible with the TUFLOW-SWMM tools for writing SWMM inp files. It is recommended to use this tool in conjunction with the GeoPackage - Create processing tool to eliminate potential future errors.

Note: This tool updates the existing GeoPackage file. If a selected SWMM section already exists in the GeoPackage, the tool replaces it, resulting in the loss of any saved data in that section.


This tool, GeoPackage - Add sections, can be found in the QGIS processing toolbox panel under TUFLOW >> SWMM. To open the Processing Toolbox panel, navigate to 'Processing' in the menubar and select 'Toolbox'.

Open processing toolbox.png


  1. GPKG filename modify: The existing GeoPackage to be modified.
  2. CRS for GeoPackage layers: The CRS (Coordinate Reference System) of the existing GeoPackage.
  3. SWMM Sections to add: The SWMM sections to add to the GeoPackage.

GeoPackage Add Sections Dialog a.png


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