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A TUFLOW licence is required to run TUFLOW, except when using third party software such as a GIS to prepare input data or view results, or when running TUFLOW demo, tutorial or example models in licence free mode.

Lock Types

TUFLOW Products are licenced via locks, available in two forms; WIBU USB-2 Dongles (hardware lock) and WIBU Software Licenses (software lock). A third form, WIBU Cloud locks, should be available in 2023.

Current Licence Lock Options

  • WIBU Hardware Lock: WIBU hardware locks are physical dongles (USB-2) that contain TUFLOW licences. Licences are coded onto the dongle and can be moved between computers. WIBU hardware locks are recognised by the 2006-06-BD release onwards. Refer to WIBU Lock Guidance for further information.
  • WIBU Software Lock: WIBU software locks are coded onto the computer's or server's motherboard, it cannot be transferred to a different host. WIBU software locks are recognised by the 2016-03-AF release onwards. Refer to WIBU Lock Guidance for further information.

Legacy Licence Lock Options

  • Softlok Dongle: As of August 2010 Softlok USB dongles are no longer issued due to the dongle provider not supporting 64-bit. Maintained Softlok dongles may be exchanged for a WIBU dongle for a nominal fee, please contact sales@tuflow.com. For the 2009-07, 2008-08, 2007-07 and 2006-06 releases, the “DB” builds or later will need to be used to recognise a WIBU Codemeter dongle. Refer to Softlok Guidance for further information.

Licence Types

TUFLOW simulations can be executed using a variety of licence types:

  • Licence Free Mode: A licence free mode has been built in TUFLOW. For information outlining the limits associated with the licence free mode, see TUFLOW Free DEMO Version Guide
  • Local Licence: TUFLOW simulations can only be run on the computer hosting the Lock. For installation guidance, see Local Licence Installation Guide
  • Network Licence: The Lock can be hosted on any computer or server. Other computers 'check out' licences from the host computer via a company’s network. There are no regional restrictions associated with Network licences. For installation guidance, see Network Licence Installation Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I require a TUFLOW licence to create TUFLOW inputs and view results from a TUFLOW simulation?

No, a TUFLOW licence is only needed to run a TUFLOW .exe file (excluding tutorial, demo and example models or small models eligible for free mode). Running a TUFLOW .exe is required to:

  • Process control files (.tcf, etc), check the data inputs and to construct the model using the GIS layers and other inputs. As part of this process any ERROR, WARNING or CHECK messages are issued to help resolve input data conflicts. Check files and GIS layers representing the final model construct are also produced to quality control the model’s inputs.
  • To carry out the hydraulic computations provided Step 1 above produces no ERROR messages.

No licence is needed for all other tasks, including:

  • Creation and editing of all input files and GIS layers.
  • Running GIS plugins such as the QGIS TUFLOW Viewer.
  • Running utilities (e.g. asc_to_asc.exe).
  • Reviewing check files/layers in GIS.
  • Viewing results (e.g. using TUFLOW Viewer in QGIS).

All TUFLOW inputs and outputs use free open formats that are readable and editable by third party software, for example QGIS and Notepad++:

Why is a pre 2010 version of TUFLOW not working?

In 2010 Softlok dongles were replaced by WIBU dongles. TUFLOW versions earlier than 2010 might be searching for a Softlok licence, however it is likely you have a WIBU licence. The "DB" builds of TUFLOW were created so earlier versions of TUFLOW recognise the new WIBU licences. Please download a "DB" version from the TUFLOW website.

How many simulations can be run at the same time?

The number of licences reflect how many TUFLOW simulations can be run in parallel at any given time. For example, a Local 4 can run 4 simulations at the same time on the one computer. A Network 5 allows up to 5 simulations at any one time across an organisation’s network. If all licences are in use when a TUFLOW simulation starts, the simulation enters a holding pattern until a free licence is available.

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