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This section is relevant for people who are trialling TUFLOW without a licence. Please refer to the Local Licence New User Guide, Network Licence New User Guide or Cloud Licence New User Guide pages if you have a licence.

  1. Download the latest executable and manual from the Downloads page of the TUFLOW website. TUFLOW doesn't require installation, the software only needs to be saved on the modelling machine.
  2. You are now ready to start TUFLOW modelling (TUFLOW currently only runs on Windows). There are multiple options available to help you learn TUFLOW:
    1. Free TUFLOW eLearning courses.
      These courses are hosted online 24/7. They includes step by step lessons comprising of a combination of written notes, background content videos, demonstration videos and hands-on exercises:
      Other paid eLearning courses are also available via the TUFLOW Training Course Catalogue
    2. Free TUFLOW Wiki Self-teach Tutorials
    3. Free Example Models
      This database includes over 60 example models demonstrating the most commonly used TUFLOW features. Use these models to learn how to implement features not included in the TUFLOW eLearning or Wiki Tutorials.
  3. After gaining an understanding of TUFLOW through the eLearning and/or tutorial models you may be interested in developing some of your own models for testing. A free Demo option is included within the standard TUFLOW executable. The free Demo version is fully enabled, though has the following limits:
    • 100,000 total cells and 30,000 active (potentially flooded) cells
    • 100 1D channels
    • There can only be one CPU 2D domain (M2D is not supported). HPC Quadtree is supported.
    • A simulation time of 10 minutes.
    The free Demo mode is called using the TUFLOW Control File (TCF) command: Demo Model == ON
  4. Run TUFLOW using the options listed in the Running TUFLOW section of the Wiki:
  5. Other resources that may be useful include:
  6. Please email if you have any technical questions or if you would like to purchase a licence. Price information is available from the Pricing page of the TUFLOW website