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TUFLOW Simulation

Final View of Project Explorer

A TUFLOW simulation is comprised of a grid, feature coverages, and model parameters. SMS allows for the creation of multiple simulations, each of which includes links to these items. The use of links allows these items to be shared between multiple simulations. A simulation also stores the model parameters used by TUFLOW.
Our new simulation will be very similar to our existing simulation. Rather than create a new simulation and copy all of the shared information, we will make a copy of the simulation and change only the things that will be different. To do this:

  1. In the project explorer, right click on the TUFLOW simulation M01_5m_002 and select Duplicate in the menu that appears.
  2. Change the name of the new simulation to M02_5m_001.

Geometry Components

Links to the geometric objects such as grids and coverages are shared through geometry components as explained in the TUFLOW 2D tutorial. For this module, we will create a copy of the geometry component from previous module and add new components. Doing this will keep the model from module01 unchanged.

  1. Right click on the geometric component named 5m geo and select Duplicate.
  2. Change the name of the new geometric component to be 5m geo Culvert.
  3. Drag and drop the “Culvert_BC” coverage into this new geometry component (* Note: If you chose Alternate 3 while defining 1D2D Linkage in all three culverts, then you will not have Culvert_BC coverage and you don't have to drage anything).

Material Definitions

Material properties were defined previously. See this section from the module 1 tutorial to review how to do this.

Simulation Setup and Model Parameters

We need to add the items which will be used in the simulation. These items include the geometry component and coverages. Coverages already in the geometry component do not need to be added to the simulation.

  1. Under Simulation M02_5m_001, right click and delete 5m geo geometric component which came from Module01.
  2. Drag 5m geo Culvert geometric component into this simulation
  3. Also drag the coverages Culverts and Culvert_Connections (This coverage will not be available if you didn't use Alternate 2 while defining 1D2D Linkage).

1D Model Parameters

The TUFLOW 2D model parameters were set up previously in the 2D TUFLOW tutorial. In addition to these normal model parameters (2D), we need to specify parameters specifically for the 1D portion of the model.

  1. Right click again on the M02_5m_001 simulation and select 1D Control.
  2. In the General tab change the Timestep to "1.5" seconds, Output interval to "180" seconds and Initial Water Level to "0".
  3. In the Network tab, change the Depth limit factor to "10.0". This allows water in the channels to be up to five times deeper than the depth of the channel before halting due to a detected instability.
  4. Click OK to close the Control 1D dialog.
  5. Save your SMS project.

After completing the steps above, continue on to Run the Simulation. Note that if you have Culvert_Connections coverage in the model when you run TUFLOW, a prompt will ask which BC coverage to use with the coverage Culvert_Connections. Select the "Culvert_BC" coverage and click OK.