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This page contains a brief introduction to the SAGA GIS software. SAGA is a Free Open Source Software which for more information please see the SAGA website The basics of SAGA particularly in respect to TUFLOW modelling are described below, each of these has a separate page. If you have any suggestions to be included in these pages, please add them to the discussion page. Please add SAGA Suggestions Here!.

SAGA uses ArcGIS file formats for vector data, with data stored in shapefiles (.shp). In these files points, lines and regions are stored in separate files.


In this section are some basic GIS functions that are regularly used in creating TUFLOW models in SAGA.

  1. Importing a Grid
  2. Create a grid from points
  3. View results

Tips and Tricks

  1. Relief Shading

Tutorial Module01

  1. Create projection
  2. Active areas
  3. Materials
  4. Boundaries
  5. Inspect zpts


As QGIS has replaced SAGA as an open source alternative for the tutorial model, there are no plans to expand this page.
If you do have any suggestions, please add them here.

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