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This tool converts a GeoPackage into a SWMM inp file for use with SWMM models.
It is recommended to use the GeoPackage - Create and the GeoPackage - Add Sections processing tools to ensure the GeoPackage is in the correct format for this tool. This will avoid errors while converting the GeoPackage to a SWMM inp file.


This tool, GeoPackage - Write to SWMM inp, can be found in the QGIS processing toolbox panel under TUFLOW >> SWMM. To open the Processing Toolbox panel, navigate to 'Processing' in the menubar and select 'Toolbox'.

Open processing toolbox.png

This tool can also be accessed directly from the QGIS Layers Panel. Right click any layer from the SWMM GeoPackage and select 'TUFLOW' > 'SWMM - Export inp file'. This process is demonstrated in the second example video below.


  1. GPKG Input File: The GeoPackage that will be used to create the SWMM inp file.

By default, this tool will save the SWMM inp file in the same folder location and with the same name as the GeoPackage input file.

GeoPackage Write to SWMM inp Dialog b.png


Accessing the tool from the QGIS Layers Panel:

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