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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2333 - Insufficient header information in external grid file. Check format of file.

Alternate Message
ERROR 2333 - Insufficient header information in ASCII grid file. Check format of file.
ERROR 2333 - Reading rainfall grid file <filename>

Message Type

This message indicates that the grid file is not in the recognised formats which are:
ESRI ASCII grid - this format usually has the extension .asc or .txt and is a plain text file (not binary) and can be opened in a text editor. At the top of the file, information on the size of the grid, the cell size and coordinates should be displayed. An example is below:
ncols 2284
nrows 3916
xllcorner 0.0
yllcorner 0.0
cellsize 5.0
NODATA_value -9999
After the header information should follow the ncols x nrows of data. If the file is not in a similar format to the above, the file is most likely not in the correct format.
BINARY grids (.flt format) - this format is a binary version of the above .asc. It is comprised of two files .hdr which is plain text and contains the information listed above and .flt which contains the grid data.

Open the .asc or .hdr file in a text editor to ensure that the file is in the correct format. If not, this may need to be re-exported from your GIS package. Instructions for doing so in command GIS packages are below:

Ensure that the Read GRID command is only used for gridded data. For GIS data in ESRI Shapefile or MapInfo MIF format, the Read GIS command is required instead.

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