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QGIS is used to import the check files and review the model.


This tutorial introduces:

Review the check files:

  1. Open the files, either:
    • Within the QGIS Browser Panel, navigate to Module_11\TUFLOW\check\M11_5m_002_Check.gpkg and double click the following layers, or
    • M11_5m_002_grd_check_R
    • M11_5m_002_1d_to_2d_check_R
    • M11_5m_002_nwk_C_check_L
    • In File Explorer, navigate to the Module_11\TUFLOW\check folder, drag and drop the M11_5m_002_Check.gpkg into the QGIS workspace and select the layers above (hold Ctrl to select multiple).
  2. Use the 'Apply TUFLOW Styles to Open Layers'.
  3. Use the 'Apply GPKG Layer Names'.
  4. The 2d_grd_check file shows all active cells and confirms the 1D open channel is removed from the 2D domain including the 1D weir area at the downstream road.
  5. The 1d_to_2d_check file contains the cells that transfer the water between the 1D and 2D domain:

  6. The nwk_C_check file contains information on the 1D channels, bridges and weirs. Use the 'Identify Features' tool to inspect the attributes:


  • The code layer was inspected to confirm the 1D weir location was deactivated from the 2D simulations.
  • The cells connecting the 1D and 2D were reviewed.
  • The 1D network layer was inspected, properties of the downstream bridge and weir reviewed.

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