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The TUFLOW Wiki contains information relating to the building, running and processing of hydraulic models using TUFLOW Classic. The Wiki is designed to be a repository of information that is regularly updated to accommodate new features in the TUFLOW software and to reflect feedback from users. The site has been divided into four sections:

  • The TUFLOW Message Database containing a comprehensive list of messages outputted by TUFLOW Classic and GPU models. For each message, guidance is provided on the likely causes and suggested solutions where applicable.
  • The TUFLOW Tutorial Model containing step-by-step instructions on building, simulating and viewing the results of a TUFLOW model. Instructions have been provided for the SMS, MapInfo, ArcMap and QGIS platforms.
  • The TUFLOW Demo Models containing information on the three models developed as part of the Floodplain Management Association 2012 Annual Conference 2-D Modelling Challenge.
  • The Tips and Tricks section contains methods to streamline the process of building and running models and the manipulation of their results, using TUFLOW software products and other third party software.

In each of these sections the main pages are locked for editing only by TUFLOW administrators, however each page also has a discussion page can be edited by members. Users can access the discussion page by clicking the discussion tab at the top left of each page.

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You must be a member and be logged in to modify the discussion page. To register for an account, please follow the instructions on the Wiki Registration page. Please add any suggestions, requests for clarification or tips in these discussion pages. For help on the wiki syntax please refer to the Editing Help page. If you find any incorrect, misleading or offence material posted please contact support@tuflow.com.

The TUFLOW Wiki is designed to be used in conjunction with the TUFLOW Forum, the TUFLOW website, and the TUFLOW Manual.

What is TUFLOW?

TUFLOW is a suite of powerful numerical model engines for flood and coastal model.

TUFLOW Classic is our flagship 1D network and 2D fixed grid based software for simulating flood and tidal flow. TUFLOW's unparalleled 1D/2D dynamic linking capabilities, robustness, established performance and wide ranging functionality, arguably make it the world's most powerful 1D/2D hydrodynamic computational engine.

TUFLOW GPU is our new 2D fixed grid software package. The software uses a computers graphic card for its computations, instead of the computer’s processing unit (CPU). This change has significant run time benefits, resulting in between 10 to 100 times reductions in simulation time compared to TUFLOW Classic. The runtime benefits of this software are however extremely powerful for broad-scale regional assessments which may have otherwise been too computationally intensive to model using a CPU type model.

TUFLOW FV is our new 2D/3D flexible mesh, finite volume numerical model that simulates hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality processes in oceans, coastal waters, estuaries, rivers and floodplains. The flexible mesh model structure allows users to modify mesh resolution spatially, seamlessly increasing the model resolution in areas of interest. This modelling approach reduces the number of computation cells in a model and hence reduces simulation times. Additionally, TUFLOW FV has been parallelised. This means users can fully capitalise on the computing power of multiple processor/thread computers. TUFLOW FV has its own Wiki site, Forum, and Manual.

For more information on the TUFLOW range of products including additional modules and modelling interfaces please visit the TUFLOW Products page on the TUFLOW website.

TUFLOW Licensing

A valid TUFLOW license is required to run TUFLOW however is not required when building or viewing the results of a model using third party software. Licenses may be purchased directly from BMT WBM or from other on-sellers of TUFLOW.
Note that the simulation of the TUFLOW Tutorial and Demo Models do not require a license.

BMT WBM Licenses

A comprehensive price list of all TUFLOW products is available on the TUFLOW website. Please email sales@tuflow.com for any sales enquiries or to receive a formal quotation.

Instructions for installing TUFLOW dongles are provided on the TUFLOW Licensing page of the Wiki.

TUFLOW Training

Tutorial Model

The TUFLOW Tutorial Model has been created for new users to provide them with the basic skills needed to develop a model and view the results. Each module of the tutorial demonstrates several commonly encountered real-life project examples. All the background model data is provided along with step-by-step instructions that take you through the process of setting up and running TUFLOW, troubleshooting and checking your model, and viewing and analysing results. The tutorials have been set up to support a number of different GIS software packages, text editors and results viewers to suit the user’s preference. The tutorial model is able to be simulated without a TUFLOW license. The files required to simulate the Tutorial model are available from the Downloads page of the TUFLOW website. Full documentation is provided on the TUFLOW Tutorial Model Wiki page.

Training by BMT WBM

BMT WBM are able to provide a range of training services including generalised or bespoke training, as well as carrying out model reviews. We have staff located across Australia, in the UK and the USA. Please refer to the Training page on the TUFLOW website or email training@tuflow.com to discuss your specific requirements and to obtain a quotation.

TUFLOW Support

Support of all TUFLOW products is provided by a team of dedicated TUFLOW developers and experienced modellers. The team may be contacted by emailing support@tuflow.com. To ensure your request is dealt with as efficiently as possible, please:

  • Be as informative as possible in explaining the problem
  • Attach the tlf file and any other relevant model layers
  • Include figures or screenshots to illustrate the issue
  • Quote the 4-digit message ID of the ERROR, WARNING or CHECK message.

Users are also strongly advised to refer to the TUFLOW Message Database which provides guidance on the likely causes and suggested solutions for each message.


The TUFLOW Forum contains a range of topics sourced from Support queries and offers the opportunity for modellers to learn from the experience of others in the TUFLOW User community. Users are able to post their own questions and replies. The forum is regularly monitored by the TUFLOW Support Team and is also used as a platform to announce new uploads and new releases.

All TUFLOW Users are encouraged to register for the forum.

Reference Documents

The Library page of the TUFLOW website contains a number of publications, presentations and technical documents that are available for download. This includes:

  • Research papers
  • Presentations carried out at workshops and conferences
  • Technical documents on the application of TUFLOW to real life situations

TUFLOW Contact List

Contact sales@tuflow.com for enquires relating to the purchase of TUFLOW products.
Contact training@tuflow.com for all training enquires.
Contact support@tuflow.com for enquires relating to the use of TUFLOW products.
Contact info@tuflow.com for all other enquires and general information on TUFLOW Products.