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QGIS is used to import the check files and review the dam break.


This tutorial introduces:

Review the check files:

  1. Open the files, either:
    • Within the QGIS Browser Panel, navigate to Module_10\TUFLOW\check\M10_5m_001_Check.gpkg and double click the following layers, or
    • M10_5m_001_zsh_zpt_check_P
    • M10_5m_001_vzsh_zpt_check_P
    • M10_5m_001_sh_obj_check_R
    • M10_5m_001_grd_check_R
    • M10_5m_001_bcc_check_R
    • M10_5m_001_sac_check_R
    • In File Explorer, navigate to the Module_10\TUFLOW\check folder, drag and drop the M10_5m_001_Check.gpkg into the QGIS workspace and select the layers above (hold Ctrl to select multiple).
  2. Navigate to the Module_10\TUFLOW\check folder and open the M10_5m_001_DEM_Z.tif layer into QGIS.
  3. Use the 'Apply TUFLOW Styles to Open Layers'.
  4. Use the 'Apply GPKG Layer Names'.
  5. The DEM_Z grid shows the final elevations (at time 0) used for the model calculations. The elevation changes due to the dambreak are inspected in the Results section.
  6. The zsh_zpt_check file contains the Zpts modified by the 2d_zsh layers with updated elevation, change in elevation and source layer. The Shape_Width attribute is specified the same as the cell size, a thick breakline is used with entire cells being modified. The TUFLOW style colour codes the symbols based on the amount raised, or lowered.

  7. The vzsh_zpt_check file contains information on the elevation points that change over time, elevation change, final elevation and trigger conditions.
  8. The sh_obj_check file displays the TIN triangles created by TUFLOW during the model initialisation and is useful to review for all merge polygons.

  9. The grd_check is the 2D grid defined by the 2d_code layer and contains a region object for each cell with attributes, e.g. the IWL.

  10. The sac_check contains information on the lowest cells for each SA boundary region. The upstream 2d_bc QT inflow was replaced with a 2d_sa inflow.
  11. The bcc_check contains information on the 2D boundaries, it shows the cells conveying water out of the model selected by the 2d_bc HQ type boundary (based on a slope).


  • The topographic modifications representing the dam wall, dam break and initial water level were inspected.

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